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Women's attitudes towards obstacles of physical activity in Sari, Iran (11254 Views)
Fasting duration in patients undergoing elective surgery (10982 Views)
Quality of life in patients with ischemic heart disease (10371 Views)
Later life civic engagement of elderly in Ahwaz -Iran (9309 Views)
Nurses’ knowledge of evidence- based guidelines for preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia in intensive care units (9195 Views)
Legal constraints of using surrogacy (4818 Views)
Relationship between spiritual well-being and quality of life in hemodialysis patients (3816 Views)
A qualitative study of adolescents, parents and key informants' experiences towards the importance of peer groups (2982 Views)
Internet addiction among students of Islamic Azad University (2927 Views)
Relationship between job satisfaction, absence from work and turnover among nurses (2698 Views)
The effect of training life expectancy and coping styles on negative emotions of cardiac surgical patients' mental health (2671 Views)
The effect of professionalism on the professional communication between nurses and physicians: A phenomenological study (2557 Views)
Designing and psychometric the measure for determining the professional competence of nursing faculty members (2449 Views)
Studying music effect on children's stress following chemotherapy: (2449 Views)
Confirming nasogastric tube position: methods & restrictions: A narrative review (2339 Views)
Effects of roy’s adaptation model in nursing practice on the quality of life in patients with type II diabetes (2304 Views)
Nursing developments in Iran during World Wars I & II: A historical study (2261 Views)
Teachers’ knowledge about epilepsy (2237 Views)
The effects of premarital relationship enrichment programs on marriage strength: A narrative review article (2236 Views)
Probability of obstructive sleep apnea in male patients with systolic heart failure and some related factors (2198 Views)
Mazandran based radiologists' attitudes to obtaining patients' consent prior to invasive imaging procedures, 2010 (2150 Views)
Teaching professionalism and professional ethics using the hidden curriculum (2104 Views)
Exploring midwifery students’ experiences & perceptions of preceptorship project (2091 Views)
Nursing students' attitudes towards coronary artery disease prevention (2084 Views)
Assessing medical interns' attitude to general practitioner thesis & its performance challenges in Mazandran University of Medical Sciences (2068 Views)
Resource allocation: the main problem in infection control in intensive care units of hospitals (2052 Views)
Self-care behaviors in patients with systolic heart failure (1987 Views)
The effects of Orem’s self-care model on the nutrition status and fatigue of colorectal cancer patients (1972 Views)
Drug abuse among nurses: A neglected challenge (1967 Views)
Family-oriented empowerment model influencing quality of life CABG patients (1957 Views)
Alobar holoprosencephaly: A case report (1924 Views)
The effects of topical vitamin C solution on the necrotic tissue volume of burn wounds (1910 Views)
Knowledge and practice about influenza vaccination and compliance with influenza immunization among pregnant women in Sari, 2013 (1889 Views)
The publication status and general quality of internationally published articles by Iranian nursing scholars (1880 Views)
Characteristics of competent clinical instructors: a review of the experiences of nursing students and instructors (1842 Views)
Hepatitis B: Epidemiology and prevalence in Iran, during 2002-2014 (1838 Views)
Explaining the hindering factors for accepting the disease, a barrier for the HIV/AIDS patients to seek treatment: A qualitative study (1826 Views)
The effect of primrose oil on the premenstrual syndrome among the female students in Lorestan University of Medical Sciences: A triple blind study (1814 Views)
Comparison of the effects of role play and video feedback on the knowledge and attitude of midwives towards communication skills training (1810 Views)
Analysis of trends in birth outcomes and fertility measures in the rural population of east Azerbaijan province, Iran: 2001 - 2013 (1792 Views)
The relationship between nurses’ personality type and job satisfaction (1780 Views)
Evaluation of the relationship between lifestyle and body mass index in administrative employees of Bojnourd, Iran (1769 Views)
Effect of education on the knowledge and attitude of intensive care unit staff towards the use of predictive disease severity scoring systems (1763 Views)
Risk factors of needle stick and sharp injuries among health care workers (1747 Views)
Teachers managerial competency from nursing students faculty staffs point of view (1745 Views)
Spiritual intelligence and its related factors in patients with ischemic heart disease (1725 Views)
Nurses’ attitude towards attendance of nursing students in the clinical setting in Shahrekord in 2015 (1718 Views)
Preparing nurses for retirement: A concept analysis (1698 Views)
Nurses' communication skills in military hospitals (1663 Views)
Nu Nurse residency program: a promising, yet neglected strategy for the education of senior nursing students (1640 Views)
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